An Introduction to Bridal Design by Jennifer Pritchard Couchman Bridal

Jennifer Pritchard Couchman  checks a toile during a brides fitting in her Lancaster boutique

Jennifer Pritchard Couchman is considered one of Lancashire’s finest couture bridal designers.

With over 15 years experience as a bridal gown designer, Jennifer has a passion for romance and all things bridal, with an expert eye for detail. Her gowns have been featured in numerous bridal magazines and websites, and has recently been applauded for her stunning ‘Word Dress’ a collaboration with Lancaster’s Lit Fest organisation.
Jennifers signature style is elegance, sophistication, and romance using exquisite fabrics and exclusive finishing.
Jennifer works personally with each bride, every step of the way to discuss, guide and visualise your dream dress, creating a one-off bridal gown that is totally unique, reflecting each  brides own personality, ensuring they look as beautiful and perfect on their special day as possible.

The following steps outline the special processes involved in Jennifer Pritchard Couchman creating a beautiful couture hand made gown.

Jennifer discusses a portfolio of original hand-drawn sketches

Initial Consultation:

When you make a appointment, you will personally meet with Jennifer, who will use her extensive couture Fashion and Textile background of over 15 years  to advise on styles, fabrics, details and more. Jennifer will also discuss the brides aspirations for the gown, budget and timescales. Consultations are free and without obligation. Prices for a couture made-to-measure wedding dress start from £1,200.


At a second consultation, Jennifer will present a portfolio of original hand-drawn sketches, featuring a wide range of design suggestions, along with recommended fabric swatches of the finest fabrics, silks and laces. The designs are exclusive to each individual bride, whilst reflecting Jennifer’s signature style.

Jennifer reviewing measurements at the first Toile fitting


At this appointment, Jennifer will take all body measurements and posture renditions. This information will be used to draft a working paper patterns, from which a calico toile will be made for the first Toile fitting.

Toile Fitting:

The first calico toile is a mock-up of the dress, and is used to ensure the most accurate fit, this ensures the final gown is as flattering as possible. Only once the toile, and paper patterns are perfected, can the fabric be cut, and construction of the gown commenced.

During a number of private fittings with Jennifer, brides can see their gown come to life.

Gown Fittings:

During a number of private fittings with Jennifer, brides can see their gown come to life. These fittings ensure the gown is created and fits to the highest possible standards. These fittings also give the bride an opportunity to make any changes or amendments to the gown. A final check fitting is arranged as close to the wedding date as possible.

During the fittings, Jennifer welcomes family and friends to experience the excitement of your bridal gown’s creation. Evening appointments can be arranged on request.

For more information, and to book a complementary appointment, please contact Jennifer on 01524 849936 or email


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