How are we doing?

January 30, 2012 § Leave a comment

Nearly a month of the year has disappeared already. I’m actually really enjoying January( I know it can be quite a tough month for some people!)

I did a wedding fayre at Hornby Institute last weekend. The first wedding fayre for me this season. I wasn’t concerned with pushing the business this particular day, I was interested in  the gowns I have been working on, and how they looked. Basically, I was really happy and proud of how my creations looked, and that was a really great feeling.

  Now I am settled into the new studio, I can  reflect on everything and i’m smiling!

I used to work constantly, like a hamster on a wheel, non-stop for 15 years!,and not enjoying things because I was so consumed with all the different aspects of running a businessetc,etc!

Now I take a bit more time to my self, I walk 4 miles every morning, I’m producing the best work ever and I feel more creative. Its been great taking charge of my work life and changing it, I now work to live, not the other way round.

A friend said to me yesterday that ‘ life isn’t about working all the time’, and she’s right. So now I’m creating my gowns and im really proud of them, and I can appreciate what I do instead of running around like a crazy person!

 And that feels great! see you soon xxx


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