My top 10 reasons to have your wedding gown designed!

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Here are the top 10 reasons I would advise any bride to have her Wedding gown designed and created personally for her big day.


1. No other bride will have that gown( no worry of attending a wedding and the bride wears the same dress you have ordered!!)

2. It is made to fit your body…perfectly Made to measure.

3. You have the freedom to change the design if you like!

4. You will pay the same price as in a bridal shop!

5. You have no restriction on colour or detail.

6. Your gown will be designed to reflect your personality.

7. You see your gown developing step by step which is very exciting and gives you lots of control!

8. Your gown will be created to include the look and details you have wished for.

9. You will have a relaxed and enjoyable experience with an experienced designer.

10. You will feel Amazing!!!!


How are we doing?

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Nearly a month of the year has disappeared already. I’m actually really enjoying January( I know it can be quite a tough month for some people!)

I did a wedding fayre at Hornby Institute last weekend. The first wedding fayre for me this season. I wasn’t concerned with pushing the business this particular day, I was interested in  the gowns I have been working on, and how they looked. Basically, I was really happy and proud of how my creations looked, and that was a really great feeling.

  Now I am settled into the new studio, I can  reflect on everything and i’m smiling!

I used to work constantly, like a hamster on a wheel, non-stop for 15 years!,and not enjoying things because I was so consumed with all the different aspects of running a businessetc,etc!

Now I take a bit more time to my self, I walk 4 miles every morning, I’m producing the best work ever and I feel more creative. Its been great taking charge of my work life and changing it, I now work to live, not the other way round.

A friend said to me yesterday that ‘ life isn’t about working all the time’, and she’s right. So now I’m creating my gowns and im really proud of them, and I can appreciate what I do instead of running around like a crazy person!

 And that feels great! see you soon xxx

A New Year!! Bring on 2012

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I had a crazy later part of 2011. In my professional life, I was heading in one direction, and all of a sudden due to fate , I was heading in a completely different direction! At the time, it was really scary, making more decisions, moving my studio again, more new directions!!

In October, I got on a plane again and flew to Amsterdam, after being terrified of flying for the last five years, and travelling instead by Eurostar!! I had an amazing time, with my fantastic husband and some of our best friends.It’s great watching the world at 30,000 Feet!

Since October, I have moved my studio back to our home, finished my teaching job, been on a plane(4 times!:) We have transformed our home to accommodate my business, turned 40! Stood on the Promenade in Nice and watch the sun come up! Had a 5th wedding anniversary, painted another lounge and laid a carpet, moved MORE furniture!, watched Duran Duran in concert! 🙂 Had Christmas, got drunk, chilled out. As well as looking after my lovely Brides, creating the beautiful dresses which they will wear on what will be one of the best days of their life!

And now its January 2012. I’m sat here in my FANTASTIC new studio watching the sun rise again, and its great!! I’m feeling more creative than  ever, and looking forward to working on my new designs and promotion!

We are currently working on our 2012/2013 wedding gowns and also creating a new online Christening gown company, which is going to be brilliant!! So maybe looking back, the moral of today’s blog is….get stuck in, enjoy life, don’t be scared if something is out of your control, fate deals its cards and change can be the best thing in the world!…(except my husband, who is brill!)

Happy New year, and here’s to 2012! xxx

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